Who, What, Where

Hello, world! Welcome to the first official post for Tat On The Go. I know this post will only reach a small audience as it is the first, but it’s important to get this information out there.

As I write this, I am a 21 year old nanny for two little boys, living in British Columbia. I have been a nanny since January 2017 and now that it is nearing May, I feel I have learned so much and I wanted to start sharing my experience with the world, and hopefully help other nannies and even parents because working with children daily comes with many lessons.

As a nanny, my job is essentially to have the most fun as possible with the children I take care of, while also being a responsible guardian for them. I am not a parent and certainly don’t try to act like one. Although I know this job is preparing me for when I do become a parent, I know there will still be a lot to learn because it is an entirely different situation. The biggest realization so far has been just how different parenting and childcare are, and understanding that plays a big part in becoming a great au pair.

As mentioned, I am currently located in British Columbia. Everything I do with the children is based on my environment that gives me different opportunities than if I was somewhere else, which is good to keep in mind while reading my posts because you may not have the same opportunities to do things depending on where you are from. I highly suggest looking for alternatives because there likely will be (we will get more into this when I start talking about the places we go to).

So, if you are a nanny interested in learning how to get the most out of this experience, or want ideas on what to do with the children or even if you are a parent that wants to be more involved and find creative things to do with your children then stick around to read more!

I am always on the go (hence the name) with the children, so I will be talking about how I handle taking a 4 year old and 2 year old on trips, transit, activities I do with them, having daily routines, bedtime, discipline, etc.